FNF: In Your Hearts Forever (Oshi No Ko)

FNF: In Your Hearts Forever (Oshi no Ko): A Musical Journey with Ai Hoshino


Prepare to immerse yourself in the world of manga and music with the mod “FNF: In Your Hearts Forever (Oshi no Ko).” This unique addition to the Friday Night Funkin’ universe introduces players to the enchanting manga series Oshi no Ko and its talented protagonist, Ai Hoshino. As the leader of the popular music group B-Komachi, Ai Hoshino is a rising star in the music industry. In this mod, you’ll join her on stage, embracing the rhythm and interpreting the heartfelt song “In Your Hearts Forever.” Get ready for a captivating musical performance filled with both energetic and serene moments.

Feel The Rhythm With Ai Hoshino

In FNF: In Your Hearts Forever, you’ll have the opportunity to accompany Ai Hoshino in a mesmerizing rhythm game experience. As the main heroine, Ai’s success as a singer is growing, and it’s your chance to join her on this incredible journey. Throughout the approximately four-minute performance, you’ll navigate various passages, each with its own unique rhythm and vibe. Some moments will be fast-paced and energetic, while others will provide a more tranquil and melodic experience. Stay in sync with the rhythm, follow the beat, and let the music guide your steps.

Tips For Success

To excel in FNF: In Your Hearts Forever, it’s essential to develop your rhythm and timing skills. As the notes appear on the screen, make sure to hit them accurately to keep the performance flowing smoothly. Practicing the song and familiarizing yourself with its rhythm will significantly improve your chances of success. Remember to stay focused and maintain a steady pace throughout the performance. Don’t be discouraged by challenging sections; with persistence and practice, you’ll be able to conquer any rhythmic obstacle that comes your way.

Discover The Advantages

Playing FNF: In Your Hearts Forever offers several advantages that make it a delightful addition to your gaming experience. Firstly, the mod seamlessly blends the captivating world of Oshi no Ko with the engaging gameplay of Friday Night Funkin’. It allows fans of both the manga and the game to enjoy a unique crossover that celebrates the love for music. Additionally, the mod provides a fresh and immersive perspective by putting you in the shoes of Ai Hoshino, allowing you to feel the thrill of performing on stage alongside a talented artist. Finally, FNF: In Your Hearts Forever expands the already vast library of Friday Night Funkin’ mods, offering new and exciting content to explore.


With FNF: In Your Hearts Forever (Oshi no Ko), the world of manga and rhythm collide in a captivating musical adventure. Step into the shoes of Ai Hoshino and embrace the energy and emotion of her performance. Feel the rhythm, interpret the song “In Your Hearts Forever,” and let the music guide your every move. This mod, created by QuetzalcoutlDev and featuring the voice of Kenny Orenji, delivers an unforgettable experience that combines the worlds of Oshi no Ko and Friday Night Funkin’ seamlessly. Download the mod today from the original mod page and embark on a musical journey that will resonate in your heart forever.


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